Silver Quarters Value

What are silver quarters worth?

A lot more than you'd probably think. Many people today are waking up to the fact that our coin and paper money is being devalued either by adding a few more digital zeros to digital money, physical printing to inflate the paper currency, or outright devaluation of the coinage by substituting metal that is worth less than the contents of the metal of times past.

Gresham's Law and Rare Silver Quarters

The idea of Gresham's Law is simply good money being chased out by bad.  When a government devalues its money (in this example, its coinage) people begin to take notice and start hoarding the coins that have more of an intrinsic value thereby flooding the market with the less valuable metal coins.  So, for example, if you have two coins in front of you: say 90% silver Washington Quarters and today's current quarters (75% copper, 25% nickel) which one would you rather have?  Just do the math.

If we look at the current value of silver and compare the price to the current values of copper and nickel combined, we'll see that the 90% silver quarters have the more valuable metal content and thus the market gets flooded with the cheap coins as the valuable coins are removed from circulation by those who realize that the currency was devalued.  It has been repeated in history over and over and over again.  One great tool I highly recommend to find the actual value of coins based on their metal content is

There are several YouTube videos out there explaining more detail.  Here's just one: